5 Long Distance Date Ideas

Whether you are dating or engaged, long distance is tough! It can be hard to feel like you can’t have a “normal” date like all your friends can. But the truth is, long distance can make a relationship stronger than ever. When you are in long distance, you are forced to communicate better, because communication is all you have. Couples that make it through long distance have proved, in a very unique way, just how dedicated they are to each other. “Outta sight outta mind” doesn’t apply for these couples and they have shown that even when it is hard to do.

I wanted to share some helpful long distance date ideas that my husband and I used to have fun with. Keep reading and let me know which one is your favorite!

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1. Watch a movie or show together

I know this one seems obvious, but it can make you feel more connected than you’d expect. Pull up a video call with your significant other on one side of your screen and your favorite streaming app on the other side. Ask them to do the same. Now, unless you use an app like Netflix Party, you will have to be very careful to hit the “play” button at the exact. same. time. Oh, and don't forget the snacks!

Pro tip: Use ear buds otherwise the show will cause a lot of feedback for the person on the other line.

2. Find or create a list of questions

This sounds dumb, right? This is your person, you would never ever run out of things to talk about. Wrong. Even the most perfect couple will find that their conversation can come to a screeching halt. Here's why: as a long distance couple, all you are doing is communicating. There are not many situations to trigger creativity in the relationship. In fact, you may find that because you do not have the ability to do or experience things with each other, you are getting more frustrated with one another as you run out of exciting and interesting things to talk about.

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3. Do a double date

Something I always missed when we were in distance was the ability to hang out in a group with my boyfriend. There is something fun about the dynamic that really allows you to see a new side of your significant other. There is also something to be said for allowing each other to create new friendships with the other person’s friends. This will be a great investment for your future relationship.

You can all play a board or card game together online or just catch up and chat. Just a tip that this might work best if everyone is on their own video call or at least a couple separate lines. This will help level the field a little bit.

4. Have a romantic dinner date

Dress up, plan a meal together, and cook the same dish at the same time over a video call. When the food is ready, light a candle and sit down at the table with your partner.

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5. Go on a walk together

Or bike ride, or a drive or anything other than sitting on your couch or bed. This will help you have a shared experience and stimulate your mind a little more which makes for more interesting conversation.

What are your best long distance date ideas? I would love to read them in the comments!

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